Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A fresh look for Krishna

This is the Idol of Krishna at our home in Kerala... we picked it up nearly 16 years ago in Guruvayoor... the serene eyes drew all of us in ..and it had pride of place in the drawing room for all these years..but after all these years of leaving the house closed, the paint had become flecked and faded in lots of places... so this time when I visited, I thought that it was high time it was given a fresh look. Since my mom is there full-time, she would make sure that it wouldn't be neglected.

The paint is not exact... but I have done my best to make it look even atleast in the face !! after 2 coats each of paint, I just used a spray to fix the hopefully, it would stay fresh and easy to wipe off cobwebs and dust that seems to be attracted to the idol as quickly as we can wipe it off.

I painted the chains and the crown with gold paint and highlighted with bronze powder.