Wednesday, March 23, 2011

W.I.P in my kitchen - again !!!

Another close-up of my granite - sorry, couldn't resist ...!!! Things have been speeding up a bit now... we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak ....

My double bowl, corner sink in the process of being installed... the workers were very messy at this point, but they did do a good job of cleaning up ...

This was done today.. the kitchen backsplash has been installed and I am well pleased with how it complements the granite .
Yet another close-up of the backsplash tiles and granite ....
And after one coat of the wall-paint called Milk Chocolate... I thought it was a good name for a kitchen-wall paint ...!!! Though, I did have a slightly more chocolatey colour in mind..

So friends, please give your verdicts ....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Modular kitchen - fitted the carcass

The kitchen carcass has been fitted .. the tall unit, recess for the microwave, and corner , where the double-bowl sink will be fixed.

Am just having an L-shaped kitchen and have kept overhead cupboards to a minimum, to have more space. I have been feeling trapped in tiny kitchen so long, that for me, space matters more than anything else. the way I have planned things, all my stuff should fit well in the cabinets provided. Right now , it looks very light and airy... and the cabinets are mostly dark wood.
Still, hopefully it wont give the congested feeling that I have come to dread....!!

This portion comes after the corner . The chimney and hob will come after the overhead cabinets.

This is my sister in law's kitchen . I chose the dado/backsplash tiles for her. Her cabinets are Mahogany and Golden oak. The tiles we chose were an exact match to the red-tinted wood, but when they arrived, they were a shade lighter than the samples...I picked the light coloured tiles so that the red tiles do not overwhelm, and asked them to be put up in a checkerboard pattern... I think they look great..but maybe I am biased , so would like to know what YOU think ...!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A few things other than the tiles ...

The Vitrified tiles that we have chosen for the entire house, except kitchen and bathrooms...

The granite for my kitchen counter top..I liked it so much, that I stopped worrying about matching the cabinets to the counter top ..!! So now, you will have to give the verdict once the finished kitchen snaps are posted ...!!

The grills for the windows were put in this week.. This one is Ichu's bedroom window.

The bay window looks great, in my opinion ...
The exterior of our home, a bit tidier now ... the first coat of paint is done, except for a little portion in the front, where a covered motor used to be.. once the pipelines are re-laid, the motor will also be relocated and the first coat will be done.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Little Sprout

I have been waaaay too late to announce the arrival of 'the Little Sprout' into our home ...!!!

It all happened when I entered a contest, on Muse's Facebook page, never imagining I would win.. !!!

I congratulated another winner, and then , I got a message from Muse on my page, that I was one of the winners..!!! I sent a mail to muse with my mailing address... and then went to Kerala for the weekend. While there, my neighbor in chennai, called to tell me I had a parcel from US, and she had recieved it on my behalf... needless to say, I could not wait to rush over...

And there it was, waiting for us..........!!!

nestled inside , was this adorable little book....

Signed by The Muse, my friend and superb word-smith....I jumped for joy. She had also sent a personal card to me and i was overwhelmed....
And another first.... A first edition ... my hands were shaky when I took the picture !!
Now.... need I go on??????? Doesn't THAT smile say it all..........???????

Click the link for my review on Shelfari

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tiling - part 2

The next installment ...!! this is our hall room, with a lovely beige vitrified tile - the story of how I got this is funny ....

I loved this particular colour and design from the beginning .. but both shops we approached told me that it was not in stock, i actually put it off my mind, and went for something else... we r tiling all the rooms, except the utility, kitchen and bathrooms, with this particular tile.. if you notice, all the rooms open into the this way, the entire house would look bigger ...and it was less of a pain this way !!!

SO we ordered 65 boxes of the tile I chose, which was actually a light straw colour with a light-brown design ... a week after the tiles were scheduled to arrive, we find out that there is no stock available for another 1 and half months...!! so away we go to the main office ... they say the same thing and it was all gloom and doom... then they asked us if we would consider choosing another one...and they point to a few options, my original choice, the first among them!!!!!

So we 'magnanimously' decided to accept this one in exchange and came away...

This is my kitchen tile - Looooove it... wanted and earth/ terracota type and I jumped for joy when i found this one.. It is laid in a diagonal pattern . The small opening that lay beyond connects to my work table and bay window area, where the same tiles will continue in a normal pattern.

the floor of our guest bathroom, with the washing machine nook raised a bit. None of the floors have been grouted as yet ..