Friday, January 28, 2011

My work space...

It is slowly taking shape.... This is my work space.. and it is right next to the bay window. The doorway on the left leads to our daughter's room . There is a window behind , which gives great light.

And to the left side, is the kitchen. I have just left an opening in the wall between the two rooms. so I can get from this space to the kitchen, without the bother of a door.

The picture given below, gives you an idea of what I plan for my work space.
This will not be a precise picture, and the two spaces given below also have some things I like . The above picture may be closer with respect to the dimensions. I will be putting in a granite work top and a granite top for the bay window. I foresee a lot of quality time with our daughter here :)
Like the dual-level work top and the colours of the wall. I am not a big fan of white in my space, because it requires extra maintenance. But I can definitely appreciate it ..!!!!
I like the cheerful look of this area, though this is more of a needle craft area. I like the storage cupboards.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beading experiment - Anklets

I have been experimenting with beading, so started with something simple . My daughter has outgrown her silver anklets and she wanted to wear anklets 'urgently' ....!!!

So i just made these with some pale pink and silver coloured beads, linked them on a silver-coloured wire and attached the hook and chain clasp. I have no idea of the gauge of the wire and the shop attendant had no idea. If there is a way to accurately find out the gauge of the wires, please let me know.

Also added a few bells I detached from a pendant I had for ages. What's an anklet without bells for a little girl?

So what's the verdict?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slow progress...

Wow ... an entire month passed by, and a New Year started since my last post...

I hope all of you celebrated the New Year. Wishing a Happy and prosperous year ahead to all my friends and family.

The work on our home seems like an endless project on some days...but it is slowly taking shape... the pics i have were taken a couple of weeks back, and there has been a bit of progress hence, so I will be posting more pics shortly ....

The kitchen window with the wooden frame. This will be the dining area. I decided to confine my cooking area to the diagonal area . It will be an L-shaped kitchen and after so much planning and stream-lining, I hope that I have made enough space for all my stuff!!!

My favourite area...the bay window.. it connects to the kitchen so I maybe spending a lot of time here.

This is the walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom. i am quite excited to see how it will all turn out. there is a loft to store stuff and we plan to put in a few pull out shelves and lot of rods for the clothes. Haven't yet finalized the plan...

Since everything happens at snail's pace and I am kind of pre-occupied with the kitchen design right now ....

Have decided to go with a dark oak colour for the kitchen cabinets... which has always been my matter how much I try to change my mind, I finally stick with that that is it ..!!

Now with the Pongal festivities this week, it will be another week of delay - all workers go to their native villages for the holidays.. this time, a legitimate excuse for the delay the next stage may well get over only by the end of the month !!!