Thursday, February 4, 2010

Warli painting - acrylic on paper

Warli art is said to have originated in Thane - Maharashtra, of India a couple of centuries ago. It is said that the villagers, especially the women folk used this type of art to decorate the walls of their houses . Most homes had thatched roofs and mud walls. So Warli paintings originally had a mud brown background, and they used to paint with a mixture of rice paste and water.

It is a very interesting form of art and can be completed in very little time. Also, even people who cannot draw very well can do this . I did this painting today, in about 50 minutes...!!!

It is a great way of depicting day to day events, festivals , marriages or other occasions...

There is no need for symmetry and the figures are very easy to draw.. with a few bent limbs, it is so easy to denote movement ....

Try it out and have a great time


  1. Wow! That's beautiful. I just love traditional Indian art.

  2. Wow, that is really cool art Swapna! Love it!!

  3. may the heavens bring you joy this Sunday :)...
    i was so delighted to read your post and see that world art...gorgeous!

    Hope to see you at I have some art of mine there on todays post
    at I have some lovely flowers with poetry.

  4. I loved this...warli art is my persona favorite too...