Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cleaning Karimeen (Pearl-spot fish)

I was asked to post on how to clean Karimeen.. this picture above was taken from a google search since I did not have a suitable one available.

Unlike other fish, do not clean away the scales alone. Instead, with a sharp knife, lightly take away a film of the skin on which the scales are stuck. If done slowly from the side of the tail end, you can easily slice off the skin and scales, leavling a shining white surface beneath.

With kitchen scissors, cut off below the gills in an uneven 'U' shape towards the eye portion. Cut off the portion till just below the eye. The gills, the mouth and eyes will all be removed.

Trim all the fins and the tail using the scissors.

Now make a slit lengthwise in the belly area to clean out the inside of the fish.

In a wide pan take some salt and rub both sides of the fish to clean out any scales left. Clean the inside also by rubbing with salt. Rinse in running water till the fish is very very clean.

Score on both sides or cut into pieces for cooking.

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