Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life Update

The gaps between posts just seem to be ever-increasing now. But though I have been away from blogging, I have been working towards something... so I guess I don't feel as guilty. I just want my favorite folk to know that I haven't abandoned the blog world, but am gearing up to do something really great (to me, atleast ) !!!

I got interested in making jewelry, nearly two years back. And until two months back, whatever I have made is all my own, self-taught stuff. During this time, I also discovered Cold Porcelain, and have successfully made three batches of the clay , from scratch, at home.

Combining CP and Jewelry making has been a natural progression. But I thought that I could use more help - some workshops on Jewelry making... but as such, had no luck finding something beyond what I already knew. then FINALLY, I found an institute for professional Jewelry makers and I signed up for a certificate course in Costume Jewelry manufacturing.

Now - The Question

Was this course absolutely necessary?

Well - the answer is ... Yes ....and NO !!!!

The NO - I can make, and have made a lot of Jewelry, with the things I had learned already from the various websites, as well as the books I bought.

The YES - I can never stick on to just what I know, when I am very interested in something. Thus - my experiments with cooking, the crafts and now Jewelry making.   Since I plan to pursue this as a career option, I decided that the certification would be a bonus.

Ultimately, no matter what techniques I apply, the imagination and designs have to be my own, to make them work. And this is not the end of trying to know more, where I am concerned. I just know better in technical terms, what to search for ..!!

So In a month's time, I should be back with more stuff to blog about. Meanwhile, I have some good recipes to post . I just have to find the time to type those up !!