Thursday, February 28, 2008

M-seal craft

I start out with one thing, and eventually end up with an entirely different product from the one I had envisioned...that goes for both my cooking and craft experiments....I have rarely had to complain about the end now-a-days, I just have a general plan in my mind, and improvise as i go on.

I had gone to a craft workshop where they were showing how to decorate earthen pots with flowers made of M-seal. I have had better luck with palydough or clay...but m-seal flowers(delicate ones) were not my forte....So I just gave up, gave all my attention to the procedure, got the pot home and decided to try my luck in a more relaxed environment...

The process was thus:

Immerse the pot in water for a few is porous and so would drink a lot of paint otherwise. let it dry

Prime the whole surface and a bit inside the opening with a mix of PVA glue and water (ratio
1:2). Keep it to dry

Shape the m-seal flowers, vines etc and stick on the pot surface according to individual tastes...

I was not happy with my flowers, so I made it into a Ganesha...

Glued the figure onto the surface of the pot.(Used fevicryl glue)

Painted the whole thing black.

Decorated the edges and highlighted the Ganesha with gold paint...

And I am happy with the results...

I would like your comments on the same.

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  1. The tip to immerse the pot in water first - brilliant