Thursday, December 11, 2008

Butterfly award - For the Coolest Blog Ever....!!!!!!!!!!

Wow... I have no idea whether my blog is the coolest ever, but coming from my talented friend, The Muse, that is a very high accolade indeed, for me. I display my award with pride... and I would surely have awarded this to Muse, had I received it first... her talent is are the rest of the people whose blogs I have chosen, to pass on this award..

In order to accept the award, the rules are as follows....

Put the logo on my blog
Add a link to the person who awarded me
Nominate outstanding blogs that I follow
Add links to those blogs
Leave a message to those nominees on their blog.

It is a bit difficult to choose from so many amazing blogs,
I would like to nominate many more, but these people are really special and talented...and I enjoy their blogs a lot..
Thanks to all of u for enriching my life..:)


  1. wow!! thanks swapna.... am honoured!!

  2. Thank you for this award! I will get it up soon!

    Take care,

  3. YOU ROCK !!!! :)
    And the world should know it :)

  4. Thanks... I came here several times to thank you, but your word verification never loaded and I couldn't get past it.

  5. I have posted the award, and the link over on my blog.

    Thank you again!

    Take care,
    Kat :)