Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to routine ...!!

After three absolutely busy weeks, we are back home.. am finding things a bit quiet without the constant chatter of family, friends and neighbors, phone and mobiles ringing non-stop, instant rushing off shopping for dress n jewellery, making umpteen lists and the travel to various destinations for the two weddings....

Sights, sounds, new relations forged, it was a great experience ... I have brought back a lot of precious memories, but sadly not many photgraphs since I was too busy to weild a camera.. however there was no dearth of amateur photographers nor professionals.. so I have been promised a good supply of snaps covering the momentous occasions...

To start off, just some snaps of my sister's mehndi (henna) design. It darkened beautifully, and looked great on her wedding day.

If you look closely at the first snap, (click on the same for the magnified view), you can see the faces of a bride (her inner right hand) and groom (her inner left hand)...!!!!!

It was a treat to see my baby sister, who normally doesn't even bother with earrings, bedecked in jewellery complete with anklets, toe rings, and even a nose-ring...!!! And she looked stunning .... (No surprise there !)...


  1. So glad you're back and had a great time with the wedding. I can't wait to see some pictures of all the beautiful saris and jewelry.

  2. I missed you Swapna! Glad you are back and had fun at the wedding. The Henna designs are amazing..so intricate! I have never seen one that ornate.