Monday, February 8, 2010

Surajkund Mela (fair)

This weekend we went to the annual Mela in Surajkund. We were supposed to go last year, but our plans had to be cancelled.. so this year we were quite determined to go.. It was a two hour drive from our home..

It was very sunny, so we came away fast.. there were a lot of nice things being sold. There were stalls from Egypt, Thailand, Thajikistan etc , but there were so many people surrounding those stalls, that we could not even get a peek in.. !!!

A lot of VIPs like Shahnaz Hussain had come, and there were an abundance of foreign nationals...The atmosphere was festive and colourful with lots of performances like puppet shows, folk dances etc.., and lots of yummy food from different states.......

Am sharing a few snaps here

Blue Pottery from jaipur

High wire act ..!!!
Puppet show - my daughter's favourite

Irresistible Pottery - works of art

Loved the colours


  1. gosh! I feel like I have paid for a lovely vacation!!! What resplendent colors...and I adored reading about your trip.
    I bet your daughter had a great time with the puppets...looks like fun to me also!

  2. That is beautiful! Loved all the pictures.

  3. OMG! SO SO Beautiful. Thanks for posting, love the colors there.

  4. Swapana, thanks for "Muthira" info on Kollu honey, didn't know that. I added it in my post, always good to know the different names! :)

  5. Fun! Your photos capture the colorful fair, excitement & fun! The blue pottery, was such a treat to see. Thank you for sharing your day!

  6. Oh my...everything looks so beautiful! What lovely colors and designs in those little bowls. I think I would have a good time there too! Looks like a lot of fun...thanks Swapna, I always enjoy seeing the exotic side of your world!

  7. lovely pics babe... am sure you had a lovely time