Friday, March 12, 2010

Our tiny tot graduates from Montessori

It was a very special day today... our daughter graduated from her Montessori. All the parents were invited, and the tiny tots performed before a big audience for the first time in their life. All of them did a commendable job, and showed the time, effort and thought that the teachers put into organizing this special event.

The play was about saving our environment and my daughter was the tree... and these were her lines..

I am a tree, tall and round
I have lots of green leaves on my crown
I have a trunk, tall and wide,
Here birds and squirrels love to hide.....

and here are a few snaps, not in any order, though..

Our tree - second from left. The other tree is Rhianna, the Water is Vishesh and Soil, Arya

Joined by flower - Advaitha, Butterfly - Richa, Bee - Vedanth and the Ant ready to make his entry behind, is Sumer....

And finally, with their graduation certificates, mortar board hats and all...!!!


  1. These are the most adorable photos!
    Awwww how sweet :) i can tell you are so proud of her, as well you should be...Well super congratulations to her...

    A beautiful young tree, I mean, lady :)

  2. Children seem to be having a blast. Pretty!

  3. Adorable! The little ones seem so happy! Must have been quite a moment of pride for the kids and their parents!

  4. So happy to hear from you :)
    Yes dad has been very very ill...but he had surgery early this morning and he is doing much better!

    He was in the hospital for 65 days!

  5. How very sweet! I bet it was a lot of fun!