Friday, September 3, 2010

Renovation dilemmas...

Our home in Chennai is ready for a big renovation, so all creative energies are being channeled into doing up Our dream home. It is not easy to go with just one thing, given the endless varieties of fixtures, fittings, tiles, paints, furnishings etc available in the market today...

Anyway, more than the fact that I cannot make up my mind about even something as basic as flooring... I would love to do up each room with a separate tile, while experts opine that it is better to stick with one so that the space looks bigger and more open.
And something in me balks at just buying stuff off the rack and fixing it here and there, since for me, bland never works as well as blend.
One thing I am absolutely in favour of, are things and colours that exude warmth and look timeless... not for me, the absolute modern and cutting edge ..(rather reminds me of sharp blades !!) many choices to be made...

For someone who hates shopping, i absolutely adore visiting endless shops and showrooms for that perfect accessory for our home...
And I find that for someone who has an artistic outlook, I adore if something that appeals to me has a practical use as well...!!!!

I never realised that putting together a home would reveal more of myself too...!!!!

The type of rooms I would love to be in ....warm, cozy and I absolutely love the flooring..taken from this site.


  1. Seems like we have the same taste. Even I'd go for cosy and warm over flashy and over the top any day. Btw, having same tiles throughout is better, at least for the living areas. Maybe you could have a diif tile for the kitchen and may be bedroom?

  2. That is a warm and cozy room Swapna! Beautiful!