Sunday, August 21, 2011

Update on blog design

Well.. I knew this would happen...!!! After tweaking, poking about reading a lot of stuff that did not make sense to me, blurred eye, a headache and a few sleepless nights later, I decided to leave the job of making my blog atleast presentable, to my cousin.

So now i have a new header. I have decided to leave things as is, for a while and get on with my blogging.. so much happening in my life right now, That i have to let you all know about it.. and i do have a few of my cooking experiments to post about too...!!

So hopefully, I will be picking back my pace and posting atleast thrice a week, hopefully..

Lesson learnt... there are things that are meant to be left alone by me..and this is one of them...
So watch this space and I hope to get some feedbacks from all my fellow bloggers ...See you soon..

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