Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Crochet cap all done! - Tuesday Toot

This is indeed something that I feel I should toot about!! . I finished my very first crochet cap. 

Other that a doiley with lots of unexpected holes, I have not had anything to do with crochet...and this was done in school..a very long time back.. 

I actually had to re-educate myself on the basics and then go on from there...

Found this really nice crochet video online and followed it.. I started it one week back, but wasn't very sure how sucessful I'd be .

But as you can see, here's proof,... and I have embroidered a tiny silver leaf on it...


  1. That cap looks great Swapna... wish i knew how to do things like this....

  2. Good Job! Fun to learn a new skill, and you did it well. Nancy

  3. Great job on the cap. I wear one almost everyday and love them.
    By that way I have changed the spelling of your name. I am so sorry for that.

  4. Very cool! I doubt my first crochet piece will turn out that nice >_>

  5. Oh it turned out just great
    I love the leaf idea too..
    hope you have a great day today Swapna..
    hugs, Patty

  6. Wow, Swapna, you are a multi-talented lady - very nice cap. I cannot believe you are a newbie with crochet:):)

  7. Nicely done! It's like riding a bicycle. Keep up the good work.

  8. Good to be here Swapna. Thanks for tagging me. will mark you..