Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quiet time...

I am grabbing some quiet time while my darlings are asleep... It's my husband's birthday , so I had plans of making him a special card... but that was not to be, since my little one gets really upset if someone other that she, has a birthday...

Actually,... that is not true..! she loves to go to her friends' birthday parties, give them gift and sing and dance.. it doesn't matter to her if I accompany her to these either... she really has a grand time and sometimes I have to work really hard to bring her back home...

I guess she has decided that since she is the 'baby' only she is supposed to have a birthday at home...!!! Yesterday, as soon as I mentioned about a card for her dad, she made a long, sad face and said.. 'ithunte birday theventh duly..kazhinju' ...(Ichu's birthday is on 7th July's over...) .

When her dad came home, she told me while I was opening the door..".Acha's a naughty boy, Mamma "...a little later I found out that naughty 'boys' do not have b'days or cakes ...!!

So I guess the b'day boy and I will be singing 'Happy Birthday to Ichu'...tonight....... :)


  1. What rules kids make!

    Happy birthday to D.

  2. she might enjoy making a cake with you instead :p entice her with licking the wooden spoon... we have 3 children and every second of the day is about them! i am over it. i am off to my reunion this weekend and my sister is baby sitting all 3 of them for me, i cant wait for 1 night off :)
    smooches for a great birthday bash
    %*_*% rosey

  3. cute get sophisticated way too early and it was fun to remember "back when" birthdays were a big celebration

  4. Just like my daughter too :)
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