Friday, March 4, 2011

The Little Sprout

I have been waaaay too late to announce the arrival of 'the Little Sprout' into our home ...!!!

It all happened when I entered a contest, on Muse's Facebook page, never imagining I would win.. !!!

I congratulated another winner, and then , I got a message from Muse on my page, that I was one of the winners..!!! I sent a mail to muse with my mailing address... and then went to Kerala for the weekend. While there, my neighbor in chennai, called to tell me I had a parcel from US, and she had recieved it on my behalf... needless to say, I could not wait to rush over...

And there it was, waiting for us..........!!!

nestled inside , was this adorable little book....

Signed by The Muse, my friend and superb word-smith....I jumped for joy. She had also sent a personal card to me and i was overwhelmed....
And another first.... A first edition ... my hands were shaky when I took the picture !!
Now.... need I go on??????? Doesn't THAT smile say it all..........???????

Click the link for my review on Shelfari


  1. cute cute -congrats to Muse too (:)

  2. One lucky little girl. Isn't The Muse one very special lady?
    Love Claudie from Canada

  3. Precious little smile....What a precious gift from Muse..Congratulations1

  4. I am so HAPPY to be able to find a moment or two to dwell in blogland~! And I had to come and say hello to one of my longtime and favorite friends :)

    How very beautiful she is~!!

    The Sprout is like my baby and I cannot think of another place I would rather have him dwell ~!!! :) (HUGS)

  5. congrats :)
    im proud of u sis :)