Monday, April 18, 2011

Our choice of decorative lighting...

Lamp shade we chose for the master bedroom, accent wall.

Our little one chose this for her room... :D. It is actually a ceiling light, but we decided to use it as a wall light.

Here it is , in her 'pink' room. The white part of the wall will have a mural, hopefully....!!! The rest of the wall are fully pink . This particular shade was called 'rose lace' and looks great.

Our hall ceiling was painted a rich wine colour, with the surrounding wall, a pale n sunny yellow. We are pleased with dome shaped ceiling lamp and the simple wall lights.

Absolute novices when it came to lighting, but we decided to go with our gut feelings ...yet another consideration was the ease of maintenance. So we decided not to go for chandeliers and shades that could gather lot of dust.


  1. Swapna, I missed you but figured you were busy with all the work in your home. The lights are beautiful and love your wall colors too:):) Looking forward to seeing more photos:)

  2. The choices look fabulous. Hope to see more finished photos in the near future!

  3. nice photography I liked your lampshade at the top

  4. Lovely lights, Swapna! I especially love the one for your master bedroom! I love trees!