Friday, January 20, 2012

A little clay craft, and a Triple strand necklace.

It all started with a dear friend, who asked me to make a necklace with a clay pendant. At first , the idea was to just make a pendant to match the colours of a Saree, she wanted to wear for an occasion.  Then I decided that I could try and duplicate the paisley type print on the saree to give it that 'custom' design feel.

Then it became a triple strand, and since there was black on the saree, we decided that black crystals would really give added glam rather than just try and match the colours of the saree..

 After the sanding, painting, polishing, sanding again and painting, applying some gold and bronze dust, the varnish and finally adding the stones AND making the necklace, the end result was this ....

I also made earrings with huge black crystals,hanging on gold coloured rings. Just so, they would not clash with the busy necklace, but would still be the perfect compliment to it.

And finally, it reached it's rightful place. This is the biggest piece that I have worked on so far. 

My friend has given me permission to use her picture. I am absolutely thrilled to show her off as I think that the necklace was made for her ( as indeed it was ..!!) 

But what I am trying to tell is, it just seemed to suit her to a T. And it was a pleasure to behold. 

So without more boring talk ... my friend, and her adoring hubby.... :)

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