Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lobster - fresh

I can tell you that this recipe is totally my own, Though the ingredients are familiar with everyone who knows Indian cuisine.
In Kerala, I have seen only lobster cooked the traditional way . With roasted and ground coconut and a variety of spices, which is also another way we make prawns and crab.

This is one way , I thought the flavor of the lobster would really be enhanced, and also would suit people who would like the lobster meat lightly spiced.

A very easy preparation, and I am sure would be great for crabs as well.

Lobster - 1 kg (  remove the shell of the head portion and leave that of the tail intact. Then split each lobster lengthwise.)

Onion - 1 large (peel, wash and cut in 4)
Ginger - 1 inch piece (peeled and halved)
Garlic - 1 pod ( peeled)
green chillies - 2 large (cut off the stalk)
Curry leaves - of one stalk

Coarsely grind the above ingredients. (3 pulses in a grinder )

In a wok, heat 1 tsp of olive oil and a tsp of butter.(can add more or less butter according to choice.)
Add the ground ingredients and saute till the smell is not let the onions brown.

Add the lobster,flame on medium, put a lid on, and toss twice to make sure the paste mixed well. After about 5 minutes, open the lid and the shell should have changed colour.

Now add

Lemon juice - 1 tbs
Crushed pepper - 2 tsp (or more )
Salt to taste.  ( it is always better to add less salt than more)

Keep the lid back on, And wait for another 7 minutes. These lobsters are comparatively tiny, so about 12 to 15 minutes are ample time for them to cook through . Also , they have been halved, so cooking time is even less.

Take off the stove, remove to a serving plate, add more lemon juice and crushed pepper and ENJOY.

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