Monday, March 10, 2008

Rosemaling - love it !!!

This is one instance where the pleasure I get while reading a book just doubled...!!!!...(imagine that...)

I was reading a book about a Norwegian girl lost at sea and her life afterwards...she thanks the people who rescue her and give her refuge by decorating a wooden box, decorating music sheets and painting decorative hair combs in the Rosemaling style..

So I searched the internet and found a great site with all things imaginable,decorated in this style...

And given here is my attempt at Rosemailing...I have not decided whether I should make it a wall hanging or make a pillow cushion out of it.....I just know that it is a highly addictive way to paint.

I would really love to get some comments/suggestions on this one....In case anyone is wondering, I used acrylic paint...


  1. Looks great and would make an eye catching wall hanging as you say or great cushion covers.
    Having seen your photos the other day of the living room decor - the cane sofas and all,I feel that if you have the time to make a few of them ,they could make good cushion covers - for the small sized sofa pillows - in contrasting softer pastel shade cloth with the actual design scheme in maroon-gold-ivory and likewise.
    If time is a constraint, this one definately is best for brightening up any wall.
    It could also make a good greeting card design, painting a planter, great vase(short roundy ones perhaps) or even a plain coffee mug provided it is not going in the dishwasher or micro.
    Hope this helps :)

  2. Adipoli.You would do well as a nature artist.Loved it.