Monday, March 10, 2008

A simple salad - Peppers

I love salads...and since summer is nearly here, I will be making loads of salads. Other than being advantageous from a healthy point of view, I love the colours, tastes and textures that make up a salad.

This one was made mainly with peppers...I cut red, yellow and green peppers, added 1tomato and two boiled and sliced eggs to it.

For a dressing,
1 tsp of mayonnaise,
1/2 tsp of salad oil (I think oilve oil tastes best),
1/2 tsp of fresh, coarsely ground pepper,
salt to taste,
a pinch of sugar (I always add sugar to seems to add an extra something)
juice of half a lemon...

Some green peas (blanched) would make the salad better.

Toss together and enjoy.....

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