Friday, June 6, 2008

Fish curry with Capsicum (Green Bell peppers)

This is the basic fish curry that I make. And usually I make it very very hot. But for the sake of others who may use this recipe, I have made sure that the amount of chilli used is according to normal standards.

I have used a fish called Katla. It has thick flesh, with lots of bones, but this same recipe can be used for even the small fish like sardines or mackerel. (Mathi and ayala in malayalam).Capsicum adds more flavour to the curry, but it can be an optional ingredient.

Read the recipe through and assemble the ingredients for an easier cooking experience!!
Fish - 1/2 KG (cleaned and sliced)
Capsicum - 1 medium sized (deseeded and sliced)
Tamarind/ kudam puli/vinegar - 3 pieces/ 1 tsp
Keep the above aside for the time being.

As always, I go for the easier way, so I start with tempering the dish.

Oil - 1 tbsp (or less)
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Methi seeds /uluva - 1/4 tsp
Curry leaves - 2-3 stalks (leaves separated)

Heat oil and add the given tempering agents in that order.

Now add,one by one,

Onions- 2 nos (sliced)
Garlic - (6 to 8) peeled and sliced
Ginger - (1 inch) sliced thin
Green chillies - 3 (slit)

Saute these well till the raw smell goes.

Make a paste with
coriander powder - 1 tbsp
Chilli powder - 1 and 1/2 tsp
Kashmir chilli powder or paprika - 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Water - just enough to make a thick paste

Add this and saute till the oil floats on top
now add
Tomatoes - 2 (sliced)(optional)
Keep the lid on so the tomatoes are cooked through and add to the thickness of the gravy. The traditional recipes never called for tomatoes, but tasted really good too. I personally prefer to add tomatoes since I feel it adds to the flavour.

Meanwhile, boil 1 cup of water, take about a quarter and soak kudampuli or tamarind (3 pieces) in water. In case this tamrind is not available, you can add about 1 tsp of vinegar.

Add the tamarind and boiled water to the paste and mix well.Add salt to taste.once the gravy starts boiling, add the fish pieces and capsicum. Cover and cook on medium fire (this particular fish took about 15-20 minutes)till done. Add some more curry leaves and a few drops of oil and put off the stove.

If preferred, the quantity of gravy can be reduced by adding less water or slightly letting off steam while the fish cooks.

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