Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Booky MeMe

Passed on to me by fellow hosteller, cook n confectioner extraordinaire - Arundati....

The rules:

Pick up the nearest book

Open to page 123

Find the 5th sentence

Post the next three sentences

Tag 5 people and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

For a book-worm like me, it is more difficult to settle on a book, since I have more than one at ,as I commented to Arundati, after a game of eeny meeny miney mo, I got my hands on Tibetan Folk Tales by Frederick and Audrey Hyde-Chambers.

Page 123 - the Story of THE MAGIC BAMBOO

.....And so......

The three sisters' movements were like an improvised, graceful dance, as they
leapt, ran, and kicked to keep the shuttlecock aloft. Nyima, the youngest, gave
a despairing yell, realizing that she had kicked the shuttlecock towards the
dense bamboo grove. Her two sisters joined Nyima as she struggled to part the
bamboos in an effort to find the shuttlecock.

It is now my turn to pass it on to...

Sripriya, Shreya, Sagari, Hetal and Notyet100... Hope you guys have'nt already done this..


  1. hi, thanks so much. I havn't done this before.. looks interesting:-)

  2. this will be fun swapna ,I will defenetly do it,thanks for tagging me

  3. THxs so much... i havn't done this before....nice

    sorry for the late reply..

    belated happy friendship day dear