Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holi.. The festival of colours

Hi.. sorry.. I could not get any photos .. we had organic colours and all ready but when I called a friend I was cautioned not to take my daughter down since the festivities were getting a bit rough.. people were also not particular about what they dumped on each other..

There have been many reports of rough-play so I decide to not go downstairs..there were colours being thrown from balconies and such.. and I did not want my baby to end up with skin problems... but here are some pictures from the web..

All the people we saw in the evening had colour they could not fully scrub out... and the lifts, and the entrance to our building is a mess.. my daughter pointed it out and said..see mamma..dirty dirty....naughty boys...!!


  1. Looks like you had a fun Holi! :))

  2. Ha, ha, Swapna, your daughter is adorable:) Good idea not to expose her to whatever was being thrown around. I love Holi and all the joyous revelry though:):)

  3. Really... I thought the celebrations were nice. In fact nobody (not even the kids) put any colour on anyone without asking. I forgot your flat number when I came downstairs. And after getting our permission, people smeared some chandan... which I thought was very nice. We used organic too... and no one in office even believes we played!

  4. I have heard about this festival before. Interesting....what is the meaning behind it?

  5. yeah, I can see where that could get a little crazy...pretty though!! :)

  6. Baa..baa..
    Oh how funny.. how old is your little girl?
    My grandson always says that when he see my sheep ..he is 2.. thanks for stopping in and your colorful post is VIBRANT (:)Swapna~
    hugs, Patty