Thursday, March 5, 2009

A new convection microwave oven..

Howz that??? It is just pasta (cooked) and sausages layered with egg,thyme, oregano,cheese (parmesan & mozzarella) and some fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce with generous helpings of freshly crushed pepper.

That is what I first tried out on my convection microwave, I had originally planned to buy an OTG (oven-toaster grill) with intentions of learning to bake. But I wasn't very thrilled with the choices available and so I picked this up.. it is not an international brand but is well-known in these parts and it is easier on the pocket that the Philips , LG or others..

Since I am just learning, I thought I ought to experiment on a much economical version..but to tell the truth, I am absolutely thrilled with it and do not feel as if I have made a compromise. And it looks good too....
It has a lot of features that I have not familiarized myself with.. anyway it has microwave, grill and the convection oven and I can use those separately or in combination. And there are also preprogrammed menus for pasta, fish, meat .... is a bit daunting..but I will definitely watch this space for some fun..(I hope..!!!)


  1. YAY!! I bought a new convection Microwave too, enjoying it very much. Have fun with it! :)

  2. Looks like someone is going to have some fun cooking:):) I can't wait to see the photos.