Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Vishukkani..!!!

Keralites follow a different calendar for all the festivities and special occasions... Vishu, that falls on April 14th of mostly every year, is considered the New Year... 

Kani is the sight one sees as one gets up first thing in the morning....It is an ancient belief that the sights you see first thing on Vishu (new year) will be echoed throughout the year.. so it was the custom to arrange a huge Kani with all the plentiful harvests ,flowers, rice, gold, money etc..

Flowers were not I had to do my best with the things on hand..
The new saree was the first thing my baby sis bought for me with her salary.. she has been working for atleast 2 years now... I hadn't found the right occasion to wear it.. It looked perfect with the kani. And I know I will be wearing it soon enough :)

This year's sadya was also slightly similar to the last. 

I made injicurry, parippum neyyum (ghee n dal), sambar, aviyal , mambazha koottan (ripe mango and curd curry), pavakka khichdi, Gothambu payasam and pappad.

We also bought plantain chips and sharkara puratty (plantain chips in Jaggery) to start off the meal...
Since my daughter knew her friend and his family were coming over for dinner, she was very cooperative and sweet....

It was a good start to a New Year.....


  1. Swapna, I have fond memories of many a Vishukkani. I wish I was there for the sadya. Love those jaggery plantain chips:):)