Saturday, April 4, 2009

A coffee cake with Oatmeal

I have been experimenting with a few cake recipes , and though the recipes have been fabulous, the results left a lot to be desired .. when I made them.. 

But this one absolutely hit the spot!!! I got it from a neighbor's blog. I have mentioned her a couple of times before. This is a Coffee cake posted by Raaga way back . I came across  it while searching for a small and easy-to make cake for my daughter who insisted she did not want me to buy cake from the shop, and that I HAD to make a cake !!! 

Well I have been amply rewarded for my effort. This is a link to the original recipe, though mine doesn't look much like her cake..!!!  I just followed her recipe to the letter... Her recipes are really easy to follow and she makes baking look very easy, though it has always been a monumental task for me... and never has  the end-product been so pleasant !!! 

These are the only slight things I did..

I did not have a cup that marks 5/8th - so I measured a 1/2 cup and then half of a 1/4 cup of hot water and flour.

Instead of Walnuts, I microwaved a whole bar of Galaxy milk chocolate and then spread it over the cake. It wasn't a neat job since two little hands were insistantly pulling on my dress, for a taste. 

I arranged some cashew nuts  on the cake too..

The cake was perfect... moist, perfectly done and absolutely tasty...After she took the first bite, my baby rewarded me with a big hug and a sticky kiss...Sheer bliss!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The cake looks brilliant and think I'll take a look at the recipe...but I need to be feeling brave to try my hand at cakes again!! I am an instant disaster on them!!
    Thank you too for your kind words on my blog when I was stressing. They were much appreciated and helped me get things back into the right perspective.
    Hugs and thanks

  2. Wow nutritious and yum.....Love it ...Came here from Blogging Women...You have nice collection of recipes and crafts....

  3. yay for baking....the baby baker(raaga) is the one to follow...she makes it simple and most of the times, they are "baking for dummies" recipes. the idea of the melted galaxy bar is yummmmm

  4. the idea of melting chocolate is great... you make my plain jane cake look like a million bucks... am super thrilled.

  5. Hey Swapna..we are fellow ekm-ites;-)..I'm super thrilled to see that.Came here from Raaga's blog..cake looks divine;-).Raaga's recipes are always superhits!!

  6. Ohhh, I can't wait to make this! It sounds so yummy!
    Thanks for the link.