Friday, October 2, 2009

Entrecard dilemma....

Thank you for all of you who took the time to visit my site and answer my questions.. I did go check out the blog.. as I could infer, the only way to opt out of the 'sponsored ads' and still remain on entrecard, is to pay $ 50 a year.

Well like many others, I am not in a position to shell out that kind of money... but I am also kind of used to entrecard... i love visiting all the great blogs out there and somehow, it is better on entrecard.

So for now, I think I will reserve judgement till the sponsored ads start running... if they are totally unacceptable, I will stop using entrecard...

So friends...what think you of that idea?


  1. That's exactly how I'm feeling. Definitely waiting to see how it all falls into place and keeping my fingers crossed that the new management doesn't self destruct.

  2. it sounds like a good plan. I know for me there is no way I'm paying $50 a year. I've got better things to do with the money. I like the blogs I've come in contact with so I'm sticking around. Glad you're going to wait and see

  3. Please, Please, Please - don't leave us. you can control the game if you decide to.

    please take a moment and join the "Don't Feed the Dead Blogs" movement. it's oh so easy.

    go see -
    please let us help you with your dilema and overcome your fear.
    entrecard is not going anywhere and neither should you. just help us to make it work, FOR US instead of Them.

    We Are Entrecard, they are just the owners. HA !

  4. I actually made the decision to stop dropping and leave entrecard. The main reason is that I only drop on the blogs I read, and I can read them without dropping.

    I think there's better ways to spend your time, and as a student, my time is much better spent studying for my PHD and working on traffic generation.

    It got to the point that every blog I wanted to advertise on took to long to approve them if they did at all, even though I had previously allowed them to advertise. I got fed up and I pulled my blog.

  5. I'm waiting too ... hoping it works out alright but very willing to pull out if I must.

    @ RE Ausetkmt - going to check out the link ;)