Friday, October 30, 2009

Speech pains....

It has been a comment from many, who met my little girl that she was very very quiet... she did not speak much till she was about 2 years old and that is very rare in the girls of our family....

Most of the time I wasn't bothered, because she would talk at home and with people she was comfortable with. And unlike children of her age brought up in Kerala, she had to deal with three languages at once - malayalam at home, english at playschool and hindi everywhere else. But sometimes, it would get difficult to fend off questions like ..."she is too quiet...have you taken a doctor's opinion...she is not like so and so..blah blah..."

Well if the same people heard her now, they would know she is perfectly fine... she started speaking out one fine day, just like she does at home... her teachers now tell me it is difficult to make her sit quietly. She speaks in malayalam to both of us and to all out Malayalee friends, to the maid and dhobi she speaks in hindi and she speaks to some of her friends and a few of ours' in English.. all perfect well-formed sentences, and purely the specific language. No mixing or inserting other words to make things easier...

So if there are moms out there who worry about their 'otherwise' normal kids speaking a little late, please do not worry.(I was never worried because my daughter was very expressive at home.But I was exasperated with a few well-meaning advices)

Kids are each unique and very special and everyone has their own way of dealing with things... they will speak when they are ready, and not a minute sooner..!


  1. well written.... and hugs and kisses to dear ichu!!i just wish "well meaning" people would just keep their mouths shut

  2. great post! these so called "well meaning" people are truly annoying for anyone trying to bring up their kids on their own, aren't they? Kudos to your little one for being fluently trilingual, a feat even many adults can't boast of!

  3. Great job that you let your daughter develop her speech as and when she sees fit.

  4. Hats off to your courage. These 'well meaning' people speak only on impulse and can not contribute much to our child's well being. Sometimes these comments make us fearful but keeping a cool head is the only way out. We spend time with them and know their personality well. You very well said every child is unique in their behavior and even requirements. Parents should put deaf ear to these people.

  5. Being quiet is sometimes a great thing. Often times, people say too much and it just makes them look less intelligent.

    She's smarter than most adults.

  6. Sounds like she was storing up and it when it started coming out she decided to make up for lost time. lol Most kids do what they want, when they want and not minute before. The balance between letting them do that, and determining early on if there is infact a problem is tough. So many times, children who don't speak are one's with site or hearing problems that people aren't able to pick up on yet, because they don't communicate. I'm sure people meant well; but advice sometimes can be an irritant. The flip side sometimes other people see things positive and negative in our children we don't see; because to us they are perfect. And, that as it should be.

    Glad to hear she's gabby.

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