Thursday, October 1, 2009

Paid ADs on Entrecard?

Hi I read that a few Entrecard users are discontinuing membership because the paid Ads are going to be back... I am afraid I missed that news... the last notification I found was about the referrals and that they would get extra EC credits...

I have not heard about the paid Ads coming it true??????

Please let me know...


  1. Yep. Initially, they will run 15% of the time on your blog--with or without your consent. They promise to screen them for content, but who knows what that means. You can opt out of this, but it will cost you $50 a year. Lots of folks are leaving.

  2. Yes, it is true that the new management is bringing back paid ad except that they called it sponsored ad now. You can read more about it from their blog.

  3. yes, they are calling them sponsor ads however

  4. Indeed - there will now be sponsored ads running for 15% of the time.

    The ads begin, in theory, on October 5th.

    The opt out fee is $50 PER BLOG...

  5. I have a wait & see attitude right now.