Sunday, November 22, 2009

An update...

My parents are coming down for a brief visit... so I am a bit busy with trying to organize my pantry, cupboards and also a few places that may have so far not know a human presence :)

Meanwhile the little one is busy broadcasting the news to one and all, acting smart even before the grandparents are here to spoil her rotten and undo all the good manners that we have inculcated with the greatest difficulty( It takes just minutes in the play school to undo a year's good habits !!!!)

The icing on the cake is that her Suni chitta (my sis) and husband will also join us for the weekend. When I explained that they would be here for a few days and that we could visit them later, she is all set to pack her bags and go with them ... And when we went out for our weekly shopping trip today, she was disappointed that we were not going by plane...

Can't blame her...most of her favourite people can only reached by plane and I guess she has had enough of seeing just boring mom and dad...!!!

We are planning some trips to nearby fun spots the next week. Hope to have new places and things to post about.


  1. Enjoy and wishing Ichu a fun time tooo

  2. Hope you have a lovely visit with your parents!

  3. Gee I wish I were in your place. My mom spoils me rotten too when she visits :) Totally identify with the "spring cleaning before parents visit" thing ;)