Monday, January 18, 2010

My Dad turned 60..!!!

My parents in Doha - 2009

Doha - 1987. With our sister Sunitha

Dukhan 1981 - near the tennis courts. My brother Sunil and I

It was a busy week for my family, in different parts of the world.

While my own contributions were not that big, here in Gurgaon, I completed knitting the scarf I had been working on, knitted a head band for my daughter and crocheted a 'pink' flower for decorating it.

My sister and husband travelled from Pune to attend the very special Sankranthi function for newly-weds at her in-law's place in Aurangabad.

Meanwhile in Doha, my brother,his wife , and our mom were busy arranging a party for our dad on Jan 16th, for his 60th birthday. They had called about 40 to 50 people and cooked themselves. It is old hat for my mom who used to cook by herself for all of our birthdays, and wedding anniversaries...!!

They made mutton curry, fish curry, fried rice , chicken fry, channa masala, Vegetable korma, raita, pickles, pappads .They ordered some romali rotis from an Indian restaurant.All four of them pitched in to do the cooking, including my dad. Amma is a great cook and my dad and brother are both accomplished cooks too, but only cook when the mood strikes them, which is not often. My brother's wife is a superb cook too. Mom told me that there were no leftovers... a sure sign that ' too many cooks' did not spoil the party...!!!

A bit sad we missed the fun, but I guess I am used to missing special events in the lives of my loved ones by now... wishing a very happy and long life to a very special dad and one of the most genuine people I know....


  1. Wow! Here's wishing your Dad a wonderful Birthday and many more to come :D.

    The party menu sounds irresistible!

  2. Happy Birthday to him, best wishes from me! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your father! You have inspired me to make curry today. Your meal sounded so good and it's rainy here. It will be perfect. Thanks.

  4. Wishing your dad a very happy 60th birthday. Sounds like they had a great celebration