Saturday, January 2, 2010

My first award in 2010- Kreative Blogger Award feels grand to receive an award on the first day of the New Year ...!!!! Many thanks to Sandy for thinking of me. She has a lot of interests like travelling, knitting, wines etc.. do visit her blogs.

Rules for accepting this award are as follows ....

1) thank the person giving the award
2)Copy award to your blog
3)Place a link to their blog
4)Name 7 things people don't know about you...
5)Nominate 7 bloggers
6)Place a link to those bloggers
7) Leave a comment on the blog letting them know about the awards.

after blogging so much I wonder if there is anything much left that people do not know about me....!! anyway, here goes...

1. When I get flustered or anxious, I can only speak in English....I forget my mother tongue!!!!

2. I love mysteries and like to play online games in that genre.

3. I love I read sanskrit verses and try to figure out the meaning myself. When I finally read the translation, I find that I have managed to get atleast 70% of it correct ...

4. I sometime spend hours learning new crafts online. Got back into crochet and knitting that way.

5. Am a bad housekeeper ... I will stare at a spider web and admire it's shape for days before I realise I ought to actually clean it ...!!!

6. I give a wide berth to people who are competitive (number of cars, children's schools, husband's salary..blah..blah...)... they never have peace of mind, and talking to them spoils mine.

7. I used to dream a lot as a kid favourite is inheriting an old bookshop with thousands of books....;)

that maybe a little more info than anyone asked for :)

so now it is my turn to nominate 7 more bloggers.......hope you are ready.....

1. Kala

Please check out these fabulous blogs...and enjoy...


  1. Dear Swapna, thank you so much for the fabulous Award - I am honored:)

  2. Thank you for the award! What a nice way to start the blog year. :o)

  3. Sorry abut the name. I kept looking and looking; but silly me, I was looking at the spelling in the comment I posted and comparing it to your spelling...dahhhhhh, needed to look at the post itself. Geessssssss a brain is a terrible thing to waste. Got it fixed now. Honestly, think I do.

    Loved reading the 7 things about you, and relate to the spending time on line reading about how to do crafts/knitting/crocheting. I do the same thing.

    Have a fabulous day, I'm off now to check out the blogs you pasted the award on to. Such a cool way to find more neat blog buddies.


    Hope to see you more frequently.

  4. Congrats, happy new year :) and how are you?

    You know knitting and crochet? Can you teach me? :)

  5. Thank you Swapna! What a way to start off the year. Happy new Year to you and your family.

  6. Thank you Swapna for thinking of me! A lovely fresh way to start 2010.
    I loved learning a bit more about you today.

  7. Hello friend, a smile is always a blessed comment!

    Thank you for yours! And Congrats on your award, this New Year :)

  8. Hi Swapna ..(:) congrats on the coming to see you.. But I've been busy- busy lately and not got around much
    ..Happy New Year..
    hugs, Patty