Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It is cold here and schools have been closed for awhile for my daughter ... she hates wearing layers of clothes and insists that I keep her on my lap at all times..

So all I am doing is knit a scarf . A painting has been abandoned half -way, and all my kitchen yields are fast, oft made, comfort food.. not much scope for new posts right now.... I am searching for new recipes to try out ...

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share a couple of pix of my daughter as one of the three wise men for the Christmas play at school. She liked the outfit I put together, but she was'nt too happy when I informed her that I had to draw her a mustache ... she informed me that she is a princess, and not a boy.

She was also a bit worried the mustache wouldn't come off. I convinced her by first drawing one on her dad and wiping it off.....!!!


  1. Ha ha , she must have been watching the fevicol ad :D

  2. She looks great in Mustache!! :)

  3. Dreamer... how did you guess? that is exactly why she did not want the mustache...!!!

    Asha....I thought so too...

    Susan and Duni...thanks...:)