Thursday, May 15, 2008


Many of the very special people I have met while blog-hopping have asked me to put up more of my art/craft projects..

This is something I did before my baby arrived on the scene...needless to say, now-a-days, my time just flies I have no idea when I will get the time to produce more of it's kind.

I am really interested in Hindu mythology and most of my work has been based on this.

This is just acrylic on normal chart paper.

The scene is Kaaliyamardanam, depicting the defeat of the Serpent Kaaliya by lord Krishna.


  1. wow so nice. i used to draw and paint while a kid, now I am not able to do it easily as then. I am trying to revive my skills

  2. by chance happened to see your blog...this picture is really have chosen the best colour combinations !!!!!

    would like to see more of yours soon....


  3. your painting is really superb....good colour combinations !!!!!!!

    looking forward to see more of your ark work soon....ok