Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy Fest is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fifth annual Mommy Fest is here and I am sooo excited. I had put up the button ages ago...
Click on the link in this post to find out all about it.

It is an online party for Moms all over the world held from tomorrow May 12th to May 16th......

I am sure that this is loads of fun...I have never taken part in such an event, and can't wait.

Everyone, join in...

As my intro, I am Indian, native of Kerala, married to another Keralite,born and brought up in Tamil nadu, and now we are currently staying in Gurgaon(near Delhi), with our 1 year and 10 month-old daughter.

I am addicted to reading, cooking and I love to paint, craft..and create....
That is what my blog is, crafting and blogging, cuddling, hugging and bragging (about my baby ) is fun, eventful and a non-stop conveyor of new experiences.

Hail motherhood!!!!!


  1. got here through mommyfest!

    if you have time, please drop by my blog @


  2. Thanks milette ..i will do so

  3. I hope you have a blast at Mommy Fest! Come check out our scavenger hunt today!


  4. Hey girl!!! Cool blog! I'm glad you like to cook... I sure don't! BUT I love to read!

  5. Hi,

    My name is Juliana and I joined also MommyFest blog party. Nice to meet you.

    I hope you come to visit me also at Juliana‘s Site


  6. Hi,

    nice to meet you in MommyFest blog party :D

    Hope meet you in my Picturing of Life blog. See you there...

  7. Hi, It's so nice to meet you. I hope you come visit my blog and don't forget to enter my contest. :-) Happy Blog Partying!

  8. Oh, i'll be sure to keep checking your blog, i'm always up for new recipes and crafts!
    Hope your enjoying MommyFest!

  9. Coming by via Mommy Fest. Nice to meet you and ohhh that okra looks yummy.

  10. It's so great to meet you in the Mommyfest Blog Party!

    I hope to see you at my blog also. (I was a little late putting my site in the links, but you can go to The "Official" Heather Quarnstrom Blog.) Don't forget to enter the contests while you're there. :D

    I hope you had a great Mother's Day!