Friday, May 15, 2009

Cherupayar mezhukkupuratty - (green grams/lentils)

I had'nt realised that I had not posted this dish. I have made this so many times, that it was a big surprise when I checked my blog and found that i hadn't posted this so far. I have a large number of photos from the various times I had prepared it though.. but this is from when I made it two days back. 
It is one of my favourites because it is very tasty, easy to prepare and you can have it even with tea. In tamil nadu, along with half a cup of grated coconut, it becomes 'sundal'. I live it even more than before because my daughter also likes it. I make it a little less spicy now-a-days because of her.

Sometimes it is better to soak the green gram for a half hour or so before cooking. 

Green gram - 1 and 1/2 cups 
Water - 2 and 1/2 cups
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Green chillies - 2 (sliced)

Pressure cook the lentils for 3 whistles. Once the steam is gone, open the lid and keep aside.

Onion - 1 large (peeled and diced)
Curry leaves - 1 stalk
Red chillies - 2 
Oil - 2 tbsp

In a wok, heat oil, saute the onion till lightly brown, add the curry leaves and red chillies . Add the cooked lentils and wait till the remaining water evaporates. Now add the salt and mix well. 

Take off the fire and enjoy.


  1. I love lentils!

    We just had them wed.! :)

  2. I just read your note about your upcoming family weddings! Congrats to all ! My goodness both of them? LOL...
    Will you be cooking food for the celebrations? :)

  3. I am not sure if id popped up or not! :)

  4. Buzzing in just to say hello!
    Have a great day! :)