Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day Card

I got my first Mother's day card... This is something that my little darling made for me at her pre-school on friday. And she did not let me look at it till some time today...

Not that she had any idea the card was for me... it is the same story whenever she gets something special from school..she never lets anyone peek at it until the novelty wears off and she finally drops it somewhere . 

I would have posted a picture of the inside, but that would have not served any purpose .. It had words printed and pasted inside.. but by the time the card got in my hands,it was missing ... one of these days I will find it from inside her very deep toy basket, or her tiny bags stuffed to the gills with everything from toys to toffee wrappers ,hair  clips and anything that strikes her fancy at that moment.. 

I am amazed when I realise I am a MOM...and yet, I cannot remember what I did with my life 3 short years ago...

Hope all you Moms out there had a good day....


  1. The Card is BEAUTIFUL

  2. The card is so sweet. Happy Mothers Day :)

  3. isn't it crazy?
    I love the homemade stuff from the schools!

  4. Beyond words...beautiful!
    Life is great, isn't it? :)