Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost.... and found !!!

I lost the diamond on my ring yesterday... and I was really upset... thankfully, my maid found it today morning while sweeping....

When I was 10 years old, my dad had bought me a pearl ring. It was a fairly large pearl, round....almost perfect..and set in a gold ring. It looked like a perfect globe, but when I used to rub it against my lips, a slight dimple was noticeable... I loved that pearl and used to admire it fairly often...and wear it all the time..

And then was exam time... I was a bit busy to pay attention, and one day when I looked at my finger, the pearl had fallen out ...I have no idea what I wrote for my exams that day.. all I was thinking about was where and when i'd lost that pearl ... I looked for it everywhere, got a scolding from grandma for being late .. when I told her the reason, she looked at the ring and said..'oh.. it was just the stone ... at least you did not lose the gold..' she took the ring from me and tied it on the tip of her mundu for safe keeping...

I never got that pearl and after that for the next 20 years I never bought a ring set with anything valuable... until this diamond that my husband bought for our 8th Anniversary.. it was just a bit of a diamond, but I loved this ring too..

When I lost the diamond, all I could think of was that I was not meant to wear anything that pretty on my fingers.. it is not that I have not lost valuables before.. I have lost more than my share of gold earrings.. and once I almost lost a huge gold butterfly pendant while bathing at the dad's friend caught it as it was floating towards the sea bed..but some things mean more to you than others and it has nothing to do with their monetary just is...

That pearl was very very special to me.. I do not remember if my dad gifted it on a birthday or something like that..but I have never seen another pearl that I liked so much... For the few hours I lost the diamond, I was upset about the current loss as well as that which happened more than a couple of decades ago.. I love this very first diamond I got and rejoiced when I got it back.....but... I still mourn the loss of my lovely pearl !!!


  1. Your right, some things have a special value, irrespective of monetary worth.It is so sad when they get lostand we never forget them...the sad memory will stay with us for ever.
    I am so glad that your diamond was found. I can imagine your relief when you got it back.
    I hope all is good in your part of the world.

  2. Good thing the diamond was found! I liked your story about the pearl ring.

  3. THat Pearl must have really been special ! so sad you lost it. But at least you got back the diamond ! Your maid deserves a hug !

  4. I got a set of pearls for my high school graduation. A couple of years ago I was vacuuming dust off of my dresser--stupid, I know, but at the time I thought it made more sense than stirring up the dust with a feather duster--and accidentally sucked up the pearl earrings. I was able to retrieve one out of the bag okay, but the other got cut in two. I was upset not just because I no longer had a matching set but because it was one of the last nice gifts my grandfather gave me before he died. I keep meaning to buy a new set of earrings, but it still won't be the same thing as having the original so I know where you're coming from.

    I'm glad you found the diamond. Luck was on your side this time.