Tuesday, August 18, 2009


? ? ? ? ? ?

There are many many things that I find fairly puzzling in daily living, some of them I find answers to, a few others I ignore as not worth pondering about, and some make sense in due course... but there are still others that do not come under any of the above-mentioned criterion... I guess these will remain a mystery to me, but it just leaves me wondering......WHY?

There is this lady I meet most days because her daughter also attends the same playschool. Almost from the first day I met her, she has been raving about the school to which she wanted to enroll her child when it was time... the advantages she enumerated were numerous..proven track record, good faculty, great facilities... short distance from home... etc. etc....

Recently, the school had announced that it was accepting applications for the next academic year..when I met her, the lady was excited and told me her husband had gotten the admission forms for the school.. a week later, after the deadline was announced, I asked her if she had submitted the papers.. since she was in a hurry, all I got out of her was that she was not sending her daughter there..... !!!

So next time we met, I asked her if the school was having some problems, since she suddenly changed her decision.. she said she decided to send her daughter to another branch of the same school which was some distance from where we stay...

The reason.....???? ....... someone she knew, got an admission as soon as they submitted the forms..no interviews or tests...... so why send her daughter to a school which gives admissions away.. doesn't matter if everything else is perfect.......so now her child who won't even be 4 years old will have to travel an hour to and fro,instead of 1o minutes, just so that momma can have her sense of achievement !!!

Doesn't make any sense to me ....!!!

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