Friday, January 9, 2009

Jaipur - Bhavani temple

 This is yet another example of exquisite craftsmanship that is prevailant in Jaipur.  A temple of Goddess Bhavani along with a Sikh god, Shri Jhulelal. 

The temple itself is a very small building, with lawns on either sides of it and a very elaborate clock -tower on one side. 

Inside, there are many window, the main deities placed on a raised platform in the middle of the room. The back wall is a huge fresco of 'palazhi madhanam' or churning of the milk ocean, from Hindu mythology.

The surrounding walls have recesses with many deities. All these statues are made of marble, and each deity is made from a single piece!!! That includes the ornaments, the dresses , extra hands and the various weapons in these hands.. not even a small bit is joined extra...

And the best of these was the whole family of Lord Shiva, Paravthy, Subrahmania and Ganesha seated together. The whole set of four figures are carved on a single piece of marble... How is that ????????

There was a lot of sunlight streaming in, and the statues are behind glass. So the pictures are not very clear...but it was an amazing sight indeed...


  1. Shiva and family look so good! :))

  2. I just gave you an award at! Your blog is so fun and educational!

  3. this beauty...i see a great deal of it in your art!

    how many clocks are in the tower?

  4. HI..Oh the temple and the statues are great to see, thanks for sharing them (:)
    Such an interesting country you live in.. hope you have a fabulous day dear..
    hugs, Patty

  5. oh, makes me want to go to the temple and light incense :-) Its beautiful

  6. I loved the photos...I will never get there, so it was nice to see some pictures, and you did a fabulous job!~

    Also, I have left you 2 awards on my blog feel free to come on over and claim them if you want!

    Take care,