Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tagged !!! - twice !

Both Cen's Loft  and Lenox knits  have tagged me.. and it is the same tag... the rules are stated above.. please click on the picture so that you can have a good look at the rules.........

It did not surprise me that June (Cen's Loft) had difficulty saying No, I could see she is a generous soul by the superb freebies she constantly provides in her blog..!!

But Lenox (I still do not know her name) surprised me when she had declared that she has been knitting for just five years..!! wow... her knitting is simply stunning...

Now... 7 random things about me.......

1. The first thing any person who has known me even for a few days, will tell is that I am crazy          about books.. in school, I was know as 'the bookworm'..that state of affairs haven't changes            much..
2. Love art, craft, knitting, poetry,.......there are so many ways of creating beauty and I would           love to learn it all.......
3. I am very loyal to my friends and family .

4. I am a huge fan of the  CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) series.
5. Cooking is another thing I like doing. Love different cuisines and I experiment a lot.
6. I am the first-born, but I never act the big sister with my brother and little sister,or any of my       younger cousins... doesn't  work with them ....!!!
7. I am scared of dogs.. even if it a teeny tiny dog, I freeze..while my daughter simply loves                them..and she is all of two years old..!! I am making sure that I don't pass on my fear to her!!

Now to pass on the tag to seven people......


  1. Thanks for sharing things about you.
    You would hate my house at the moment with the maniac dog visiting!!!

  2. I got a kick out of your 7 things...all but 1 could be me :) Dogs are fine with long as they don't get all licky up in my face...I know where that's been - yuck!

  3. Thanks Swapna!!! Will post it as soon as i can!!!

  4. I posted mine...thanks for thinking of me!

  5. hey, I did this before :-)