Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jaipur - Chowki dhani

This is an amazing world in the outskirts of Jaipur. Chowki Dhani literally means 'small village'. It is entertainment on a very earthy, simple level. A slightly more colourful version of simple village life that u get to see all at once place. 

The village comes alive at 6.00 pm. We went on the day of Christmas, so the entry fee was a bit higher than normal. It includes a very elaborate vegetarian lunch and guarantees a grand time...

Th queue was so long, we wondered if we would get inside in time to enjoy everything... they closed down at
But in no time at all, we were inside. there are amazingly decorated walls with lamps, look-out stations and very ornate doors...

Inside are buffet stations where you get piping hot food in unlimited quantities, and long rows of tables and chairs... after the food, we are free to roam about anywhere we desire ..

To begin with, there are camel rides, elephant rides, bullock cart rides, horse-drawn carriages ..etc..

Then there are giant wheels, swings and some other items that are seen at village fairs.. in the middle there is a platform, and if you climb it, it is easy to get vertigo and a superb view of the whole place.

There are a lot of huts, inside which are people who entertain in various ways.. like reading your palm, cooking special food, playing an instrument etc.. all throughout, there are also stalls where there are colourfully dresses dancers, jugglers, acrobats, magicians, singers, drummers,puppeteers...(my daughter had a great time watching the puppets).. 

People are taught the dance steps and encouraged to dance along for a very nominal fee. There is also a massage station where a tune is played and all the masseurs will massage their in tandem... that looked a bit painful, but the people seemed to be enjoying it..

And of course, there were more snack n drink stalls as well as the unavoidable souvenir stands...

It was a feast for the senses wherever we turned...and we came back ..content....:)


  1. Don't you just feel RENEWED! :)

    I adore the use of color to create and add too the architectural facades...I feel as if i have been in a candy store!

    So much to see!

    I think it is a fab post!...

  2. Oh Wow! That place looks like alot of fun!

  3. This sounds a real treat for the senses! What wonderful colours..I can almost taste the food!!
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures and the experience!!
    I'm getting the warm oil and milk ready to your grannys tips a try. Thanks for the lets hope it works for me too. I'll let you know.