Friday, January 16, 2009

A special day today!!!

Wow.... a first!!!

I won a $20.00 paypal certificate from The Muse... it was her 100th post and I just answered some questions.. I have not taken part in more than a couple of giveaways since I don't believe that I am lucky enough to win anything...

This was Muse asking the questions..and so I was inclined to answer...and I actually won !!!

And to top things, today is my father's birthday...I hope he had a great day ..

We did think that he would be hearing a special birthday song from my daughter since she had been practising it yesterday... but she was feeling a bit shy while I was wishing dad today morning, so he did not get to hear it...

As any two-year old, she is fond of the attention one gets on a Birthday. So, she insists on singing Happy birthday to Ithu (her version of her nickname)...and that's what she was planning to sing to my dad.. 

So today has been a special day for me.. Thanks Muse.. and..

Happy Birthday Achacha....


  1. Congrats! I have entered a few and never one on myself. Have fun spending your paypal dollars!


    And of course...I thank you for playing and celebrating my 100th POST :)

    SUPER congrats! :)

    Oh, wish we could all hear her sing !

  3. Congratulations Swapna:) Hope your Dad has a great birthday too:)

  4. Congratulations on your win! Now go and treat youself to something special.

  5. Wow congratulation, now you know how lucky you are. I guess nothing to loose to try something.
    Happy birthday to Dad too :)

  6. You said~~
    oh their fingerprints never leave our hearts...SO- SO true..
    wow that sweety MUSE was so good to you ..
    congrats on the 100th..
    hugs, Patty

  7. Hi Swapna(:)
    I'm so happy you won the MUSE prize (:) super~!!Oh it was her
    100th post, I read it wrong and thought it was yours~~
    How do I find your wonderful Indian recipes..WE love Indian food ...
    the spices are so delish ~!!
    Have a great day and thank you ~~

  8. I usually reply to my friends who comment while visiting their blogs, but, this time I thought I ought to reply here...

    Lenox Knits
    Thank you :)

    The Muse,
    She is getting good at singing over the phone..and thanks once again..

    He did :). Thank you

    Susan at Hot rocks
    I will for sure!!


    Patty at Attic clutter
    Thanks . I will tag all my recipes so that u can find them easily. Just give me two days :)