Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ready made saree for a Tiny Tot

This is an outfit I made for my daughter, and it resembles a saree.... somewhat... ! I bought the silver fabric with the idea of making a dress for her, but when I just draped it on her , I thought that it would look good as a saree.. All I had to do, was figure out how to make it look like a saree with a blouse, with minimum fuss.

Finally, instead of making a separate blouse, and then a skirt-like part to fix the drape, I decided it would be better to go for a one-piece dress.

I did not attach any sort of fastening since the material is very flimsy. But anyway, all it needs is a couple of pins.

The dress has a few pleats stitched in the front to duplicate that of a saree and also to give some room . Just pasted on a strip of lace flowers to cover the stitches. The 'sleeve' is a bit of silver-colour ribbon attached to the fabric to hold it in place.

The fabric comes half-way to her back on her right-side. The rest of the material goes round her left side . Fastened it behind her, in the exact middle of her shoulder blades, with a pin. The remaining fabric comes around the right side underneath her arm.

The rest of the material is stitched into ready made pleats and pinned just behind her back shoulder on the left side.

Pasted a few of the lace flowers on her pleats to give it finish.

She wore it for my sister's reception. The pictures were taken by a cousin while she was playing...and the photographer we hired took some amazing pictures, but so far my sister is having a tough time sending them to us........(hint....)

Accessories - Silver shoes with beads and a white and gun-metal bead necklace that my mom got for her.


  1. A very nice sari for a little girl. Cute pics. I see she's also a sweet tooth!

  2. It looks terrific and so does your daughter!