Monday, July 6, 2009

From my sister's wedding..

The saree shown above was worn for the first half of the day of the engagement ... since the border was so striking, the saree was worn in this fancy style to display it well. The green bangles are a must for the entire wedding ceremony.

My sister's husband comes from a Marathi brahmin family , and opposed to our Kerala Hindu marriages, which last just about ten minutes (if stretched!), their ceremonies have been shortened to two days...!!!

The day before was the engagement and the ring exchange and a puja is conducted, for which the couple change their costumes twice.

The next day where the actual marriage takes place, the ceremonies begin with the couple wearing the traditional garb and then changing their outfits another 4 times !,with the last ceremony being the 'Bidai' or taking leave of the bride to the groom's place.

My sister in the traditional nine-yard saree. She is wearing a choker and a chain,bangles, earrings and nose ring all studded with pearls for this function. The all-important 'mangalsutra' is tied during this time. But this is also when both bride and groom are dresses relatively simply.

It was a very exciting two days for all of us.. more photos to follow ... I forgot to take many snaps in all between all the dress changing and numerous rituals..

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  1. Very interesting reading about the gorgeous saris and jewelery worn at the weddings in your culture! I have given you an award, please collect it at my blog!