Friday, July 3, 2009

Missing Kerala

View from the bus ...notice the green either side of the road...on our way from Kochi to Kannur for my brother's wedding.

The view that my daughter and her cousin are seeing from the bus...

What we used to see every morning, just as we step out of our door...

It has not been a week yet and already I am missing home.. maybe it is because it will be one more day before my parents too leave for Doha or that I know my brother will be there another week, but it has been really a pain adjusting to the relentless heat and dryness here.. and it doesn't help any that my daughter is also missing everyone at home..

I miss all the greenary of Kerala...I just had some friends visiting us from Hyderabad, and they were astonished at how dry and dusty this part of the world looked as compared to what I am used to... and just for u, a few sights of Kerala, that I used to take for granted..

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