Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the half-blood prince

Although it is my personal opinion that the books were a thousand times better than the last two movies, I just cannot resist watching the Harry Potter movies. I did like the movie and the end does leave one hanging, ... just like in the book...

The movie was a totally new experience for us in an entirely different way ...We went with some friends, a group of six adults and two kids ( our dear daughter who is three,and her great friend Ray, who is about 8 months younger).

While Ray started slipping off his mom's lap every few minutes and trying to run up and down, our daughter had other things to do..

As soon as the movie started, she asked us to change the channels since the movie was scary.. then she saw that it was 'Aary Pother'(she has seen my Harry Potter books ) she settled down a bit.... and then,... the questions started.. who is the chechi (Hermione), where is he going? why is she sitting? why is he crying?Where is the apple?.. and for every shot without Harry in it, where is 'Aary Pother'?.. and best of all, while Ron and Lavender kiss, .... 'what are they doing Mama?' in a very very loud voice.

There were only a couple in the front row and we were sitting in the last. So there were not many people affected by the monologue supplied by our daughter...Thankfully, our friends who were seated besides us were entertained by all this (or atleast they told us so ..!!)

We were actually waiting for her to grow up a bit to go watch movies in the theatres.. but I think we have to wait a wee bit more..till she gets away from the habit of asking a dozen questions a minute ..maybe another ten years or so, I'd guess.


  1. HAHAHHAHAHHAAAAA!!!!toooo goooodddd!!!!ichu is the best!!!muuuuuuahhhh 2 her!!!

  2. I must be the only person in the world who just didn't get what all the hubbub about Harry Potter is about. The list of accomplished writers, books that have withstood the test of time, and movies that are true classics, is HUGE. But, everyone seems fixated on this one series, this one author. Though I must admit, I really don't go to movies but once every 10 years. lol

    I do watch some on TV, older movies. Weird I guess.

    Cruising through my blog this am and realized you were my first non family blog visitor who commented. So thought I'd pop back, as it's been awhile since we've visited each other.

    Swing by for a return visit, welcome mats always out.

    Traveling Suitcase

  3. I had to laugh at this. I can invisage her stream of question.At her age life is so full of mysteries and strange things.
    The up side is it shows she notices things and has an inquiring mind!!