Thursday, July 9, 2009

From my sister's wedding..2

I usually do not put any pictures of my family, but I really wanted to share these lovely pictures with you.

These are the snaps of my sister's wedding reception in Kerala. Since the wedding was conducted at the groom's place in Pune, we had the reception at a hall near our home.

My sister is wearing a lovely Lehanga and bedecked in the usual Kerala style with a lot of gold jewels. I did her make up Nikhil is wearing a Sherwani .

The first picture is of them lighting the auspicious lamp, the rest of the wicks were lit by both our parents and Nikhil's folks.


  1. nice pictures....convey our wishes to them...

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures of them!! Congrats and best wishes to them for a long and happy life together!


  3. Lovely rich colors in these pictures. did your sisters makeup for the wedding!Is the makeup on the bride very colorful or more subdued?

  4. Thanks Shama, Kat and Susan.. I just used a bit of make-up since I felt she just needed a touch of glitter added to her inner glow :)