Friday, November 14, 2008

Another masterpiece.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two days back, our daughter brought home worksheets from her playschool, that looked a bit too perfectly colored for a 2-year old. Still we did not want to doubt the achievements of our special miracle.

Finally I could not stand the suspense, and wanted to find out for myself. So I drew an outline of one of her favourites - Tweety, gave her some crayons and let her loose.. well the result speaks for itself doesn't it???

And she insisited I put it up since I frame and hang up my paintings!!! I do think in this instance, she does take after her aunt S !!!


  1. You have an artist living under your roof my friend! Treasure and keep her...for she will only continue to grow and expand her sense of beauty!

  2. Your word "AUM" for the blog post was wonderful! It is always a joy to learn new things, thank you :)
    I am delighted that you stopped by! And I hope your days are most blessed!

  3. my husband created an art wall in our entry way. painted the wall a feature colour, then put up some artist wire (thin lightweight wire that he jsut screwed into the wall) and then we bought some colourful pegs. he made two rows so we can hang heaps of pictures up without peeling paint off the walls. and we keep changing it all the time so it always looks great. xx rosey
    p.s. your toddler is talented.

  4. Grrrr!!!somehow i had this feelin deep inside my heart tht this masterpiece wud b linked vth my name...